Saturday, October 27, 2007


So is the life of renovations. Where I was SO excited before...I now have a MONSTROUS headache.
Hammer Head

We have been both (my husband and I) lucky and unlucky in the fact we are to handy and capable with tools and to unsatisfied with others work that we would drive a contractor to madness with our constant monitoring of their work.

Alright, admission time

I am a perfectionist. at least where the way the house should look, how it should be decorated and such. I WANT CONTROL!!!!!!!!!!!
I have been planning this renovation since we got the house 3 yrs ago. We have this lovely old house, built in 1910, with beautiful woodwork , unfortunately someone covered almost everything up with ugly carpet, low lighting, ugly cabinets, and DARK, DARK paneling!

So I have meticulously planned everything out.
Well except the banging, the excess material laying around after its been removed, and of course...My husband not completing the job as quickly as I want! HUM I help some but I LIKE to consider myself supervisory, IS THAT A problem?

but enough of this.

You should check out Amarinda's blog today she had a MOMENT the other day.
So is Molly.
Check everyone else out while your at it there are some interesting stories and theories floating around.

Later on this afternoon (hopefully), I will be posting on my website some interesting tale as well. So go have at it.