Monday, June 29, 2009

wow, I hadn't realized...

I have thought often, you know you NEED to go and blog...or cancel it! make up your mind...well....


I'm BACK! well, for now at least. does anyone remember when I said I was doing renovations last year? Well, I know 1 person who (the only one who probably reads this thing!)

well, me writing here, isn't the only thing that is back, so are the Reno's! Ugh, this weeks excitement..what was supposed to be a great weekend planned painting and fun with teenagers. turned darkly into the scrape and cry weekend...:(
I so wanted to get into the painting of my dining room, in my own wonderfully 100 year old home. One room, the living room is done. So much to my delight far better than I could have imagined. Fact is I turned around after the furniture was in place and gasped to myself, with great joy!
Now to the dinging room....We have the paint, I had , all hands on deck, furniture was moved, and then, oddly (yeah right) the wall was touched as one large piece of furniture was moved, leaving a scratched spot.
I went over to the spots, looked closer and realized the paint already on the wall was peeling, very similar to that of fingernail polish. I pulled and with horror just KNEW...that no paint would stick to THAT wall...(pouting I knew the dark truth about my walls). It was more than obvious, we were going to have to remove everything on the wall, 100 years of history.
now in reality, I am a history preserver, for most purposes, not where 100 years of terrible, ugly, wallpaper and paint over plaster and lathe walls! There is something about 8 inches of deep purple peonies against green wallpaper that just doesn't NEED to be savaged.
Do you have any idea just how hard it is to remove countless layers upon layers of ugly old wallpaper can be. UGH, ouch, sigh and sadness all describe it!
I hadn't felt good at one point, prior to the scraping point. I had delightful dreams of coming out and finding white primed walls, and a true gain on the rooms redoing. I awoke from my nap, feeling rejuvenated, I came out of the bedroom to some parts of the wall slate gray along with piles of paper on the floor. Sad looks on that of my husband, and my lovely teenage helpers.
so, on goes the saga of renovation trip falls at my home. I just know in my heart, it will someday be finished.
many, many things have been accomplished here. SO MANY difficulties overcome in our processes. Our home is much better than I imagined it would be at this point.
Our front is yet to be finished but, We are beyond a point of shame anymore, and I actually accomplished cutting it the other day, without breaking a sweat, because over half is level, and seeded. Our garden looks great this year, and then so does the living room. The kitchen is starting to definitely looking HUGELY better as well. so there are serious improvements overall. and I count those things when I look at the walls of my horrific dinging room! Knowing full well, there is a lovely neutral beige color for it, calmly and patiently awaiting its opening from its can (ok I had to be silly somewhere)...I know there is a lovely dark brown for the floor to go withthe window shades and so on for the room!

SO as I sit here at 1 am in the morning watching my terribly devoted husband, standing once again on the ladder scraping his little heart out, I will say farewell, and promise not to wait 3 months to come back and comment!