Friday, February 27, 2009

wow, what a difference a life can make?

Sometimes it seems like a lifetime ago, that I worked on the yard. It seems even longer that I actually planted a garden, drove a car, planned anything...but it wasn't. It wasn't a lifetime ago, that I worked in the gravel, the strawberry's, that I helped my husband work with the teenagers to do the wall in front of our house.
AHHH, but then there is today. Today, I am in a motor wheelchair. Think I did too much? Today, I run down the ramp..another necessary addition to our house. It is TODAY, that I have to actually rely on ASKING! that is one of the hardest things to do.

To ask? To depend, to need. Oh what an adjustment I have had to make. Remember me, I taught myself to paddle the gravel, and odd ways of getting things done? Remember, my major concern was to see which color matched what in the world of flowers.
Oh well, we will start something new. Something valuable in the realm of my everyday. That's OK too.
Maybe I need to get back to that writing thing I do. Petting the dogs, loving the husband...and the family.
I think I will just re- prioritize.
...more to come....