Saturday, April 19, 2008

Ok I am trying something new!

To say that the last few weeks alone have been stressful? Well that might be an understatement of fact. Though I have my own inabilities I have stepped up anad tried to handle business as best as I can. I am slightly loosing the battle due to lack of energy to begin with.
I was stopped the other day by a gentleman and asked to take a 3 day try of something called Healthy Chocolate. He claimed it would work on a various number of ailments, talked about the antioxidents and flavanoids in it and said it might help me.

So I am on day 3. I can't honestly say that in 3 days it will make the blind to see but...It has helped in many respects. I think I will continue to try it. Heck it's chocolate, how bad can that BE?

As for John he is so very weak. He's also getting VERY grumpy because he is weak. He has found himself in a catch 22 situation. Things need to be done and he HAS to sit and be a spectator. He has to my anul retentive ways and that isn't helping either. I have a certain format to doing everything, he doesn't. oh well maybe he will learn a few things! lOL

Our support system is great albeit mostly far away. Those close are shall we say overwhelmed themselves? Family life as we all know does tend to do this. Bless their hearts, John and I both know if we asked they would do their very best to stop their own lifes and try to come fix ours! Molly and her "D", being the first ones to arrive with their band of wonderful offspring, to jump in and do whatever they thought would be needed. WE LOVE YOU GUYS SO!

Molly and I are conversing about a trip to cincy later this year and if the stars are right and the winds doesn't blow and the earth doesn't SHAKE US ALL FROM OUR HOMES,(yes that WAS interesting). We shall attend. Being from the area I know all the nooks and crannies to find a place to stay.

Well laundry calls as well as the birds, Who I might add are now laying and sitting eggs! :)

HUGS from my personnal insanity. Please post any suggestions for "How to regain your life" no suggestions will be dismissed BELIEVE ME!

Friday, April 18, 2008

John is Home But...

He is so tired. It is frightening. As for insensitive doctors I believe we've found the worst! Knowledge is NOT a trade for sensitivitiy, personality, and professional respect.
We've decided that the next time he has even a quirk... we're headed to Indianapolis. We're hoping professionalism will be better there. One thing we ARE finding is HOW many true friends we have and sre there for our support, as well to aid us in a time a need. It has been overwhelming.

Hugs to all.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Glory be, John made it home!

Well, by the Grace of the Lord, John IS home. I have a lot of people to thank for being there in the last week of our lives. For the longest time we felt as if we were living on an island. It just seemed to feel that there wasn't anyone around to help.
As we fought with the nursing home, struggled with the health issues of "The Aunt", my health, and the terrifying event of my husbands heart issues we have found to count our blessings, AND the amount of our supporters.
There were people who seemed to come out of the woodwork! The friendship and love we have recieved from friends, family and neighbors has overwhelmed us. Our thanks goes out to you.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Who said anything about EXHAUSTION! I don't have time

Well, JOhn has been down graded from Critical care, to Intermediate care. Some doctors are just cruel. He is going to take a while to recover. Lots of medicine, lots of rest and rehab, but... He is still here.
As if things weren't crazy enough and going through the funeral wasn't hard and watching my husband suffer, Some docs, just don't get it. The cardiologist came in today and the first words out of his mouth were about John's weight. AS if his first remarks weren't enough ( and trust me they WERE) He continued to barage my husband with insult to injury. Comments about how he couldn't and wouldn't do this and that. Then the words..."fat", "Bulk", "Too Big", as well as many other nasty, horible words came out of his mouth. My husband whose heart has flittered and fluttered, went from just finally getting normal, (in the 80's) SCREAMING back up into the 120's and VERY eradic. I wanted to knock the pr___ out!
Oh well. You get what you paid for and thi guy actually refered to us as the "worse of the worst" yeah right. DIgnity my butt.
Everyone is going to have to forgive the typos. Between a long time of care giving for "the Aunt", my own health issues, mney , the funeral, family worries, home repair gone TERRIBLY wrong, and John being ill. I'm just plain tuckered! I is typin' as fast as my fingers will go!
I laid down for a little while last night and that was my first mistake, the second was believing I would get up to it. HA! several hours later I awoke bolt upright to the floor from a lying down position realizing what I'd done. Oh man . All I could do was to scold myself all the way back to the hospital telling myself how I don't have time for exhaustion.


Well the little guy didn't really get here at the best time for adjustment. He is doing a fine job of it though. He is as sweet as they come and my husband was tearing up at the hospital because he was missing out on these bonding moments, but he'll have PLENTY of time later. R.C. has found that he can lay just right on my chest at night and sleep. considering the side of "mommy" are taken by the other bed hogs it'sa a good thing he choose there!
He's already addapted to CHarlotte (the red dog next to me in picture), they think the inside of the house is a race track! Willy and him are having a great time trying to permanantly identify with each others rear end! One would think they would have gotten it right by now...but obviously not.

well will write more tomorrow. Keep prying...It's working

Sunday, April 13, 2008

R.C. & ME!

sorrow and relief

It has been a hard few days, but she doesn't hurt anymore. It is af if she had her hand in finding our new little man...R.C. Irene always wanted another small poodle to love and hold after "her" Linky had to be put to sleep. R.C. is just that little guy.
John is in the hospital. It was just to much. He has CHF. It isn't out of the words, but he is getting better.
Keep us in your prayers.