Monday, October 27, 2008

Somedays are longer than others.

I KNOW the weather is changing outside. All one has to do is to walk out the door to feel the chill in the temperature. This does a few things to me and for me.

I will end up in MORE pain, just from the varying barametric pressure changes and how they relate to this body of the injured. Remember when your OLD Granny Use to look at you and say, "well we're gonna get some rain." She knew because the changes in the barametric pressure worked on her arthritis. Well, arthritis is just one of my issues. I full intend on making this a short blog, so I will go , yeah that's the problem!

No More working outside. There isn't a lot of value in...well decorating and landscaping the snow and mud now is there? I can plan, and plan. This just tends to, well this will terrify the husband. I don't have a lot of use anymore for the whole outdoor decorating for the holidays. No, I'm not a grinch, or scrooge, I just have no desire with my pain levels to do the whole ladder thing in the cold!

I am going to have more time to write. Woo Hoo! Time to organise the interior of the house, my affairs, and my thoughts!

I have had a wonderful invitation for my husband and myself to visit my youngest son and his new wife. We have yet to meet. My daughter has begun her new life as a single mother and I am terribly excited to see her new home.

If God be willing, There are others out there I wish to spend MAJOR time with. My neighbor has gotten me interested in a project of hers. Being a history fanatic, she has some documents she needs help with. They are copies from the civil war time. I am delighted and honored to be able to be counted in on this adventure she is on.

So I guess instead of looking at the bad coming, I CHOOSE to look forward to the things I have to look forward to.