Monday, April 20, 2009

Except for Monday, which was...

Well we have all heard this song right?
Well, it seems I can't get this SONG OUT OF MY HEAD. Maybe that is because it is appropriate. See,s like most days are ok, well except for Monday. Whoops, that's TODAY ISN'T IT?
I am happy to announce that IT IS WARM outside. woohoo! I get to experience that part of the year where my inner soul get to FLY! Oh how I have waited for it. I have told myself, when it gets warm, I will feel better. When it gets warm, I will be able to do more. When it gets warm, I will not hurt. HUH...well, then I read back over last years blogs! LOL

I believe I would find that all the things I was previously telling myself would be true, if I would just factor in just ONE MORE INGREDIENT....caution.

I tend to forget often, yes, today, or for right now, I can....cut the grass, weeds the flower beds, or push the dirt where it belongs...BUT.

Later that day....(which has GOT TO BE MONDAY!)

I can't move, or breathe, or even call my current state of mind at that time, conscious!

I tend to forget that even though it is warm, I don't have to beat myself up, and just ENJOY...Yep ENJOY, the weather and relief.
I have had a lot of time here lately to re-evaluate things, and the last year, and then on to the past.

It has been over a year now, since we lost Auntirene. She impacted us, and others in life, and in death. I realised there were others that were suffering as the date came back around this year. My husband, felt his world crush one more time this year as it came about.

As for his health, well, it is some better, but his abilities are limited, not by his weight, or his job, but some of it is backlash from his heart, the other is from suffering from depression.

As I have taken stock in the good the bad the ugly. I realise, the good keeps popping back up.
for all the bad, with the deaths, money, health issues for us both, OH MY THE GOOD OUT WEIGH THE BAD BY FAR!

There are things and people in our lives that make our hearts sing.
There are days that make other days pale against them, where happiness is concerned.

Pardon me as I list some exceptional things to be grateful for....forgive my ramblings.....
I am grateful for
teenagers, all of you KNOW who you are,
(and although there are those who believe I shouldn't be allowed around kids...that is your issue, not reality)
My friends
my children...ALL OF THEM
My oldest son Charles, and his children
my daughter and Caleb (who strives everyday to make the best of it, in spite of the autism)
My Youngest son and his wife.
My neighbors, my caregiver, my NEW Dr.s who try SO HARD TO HELP...(and yes they do)
there are so many things, everyday, I find all the reasons i the world to lay my head down and give thanks for.

I am so lucky. through all there is in everyday to struggle through.... I am lucky.
Mostly, I am grateful for my husband....who puts up with my every mood!!!!! LOL

He truly has the patience of a Saint.