Thursday, July 31, 2008

Maybe I need to write a book about "adventures in Landscaping"

A guide to the disabled and plantings?

That would be funny. Maybe throw in some funny caricatures! pics of me and the teens all examining the 20 tons of dirt and then climbing on top? I could feature a section on "how to shovel and ONLY be in bed for 3 days" Then I could give people advice in how to make the best of a little space and still have fruit trees and strawberries.
I think I would write a chapter on the correct way to slide down the row of strawberries and de-weed them while not showing your rear end to everyone. My neighbor thinks I have all the "tricks" to using tools, maybe I would write a section on that/
I would write this book and then submit it to the HGTV guys and get my own show.

I would write about the virtues of planting green, that's a "hot" topic. Add a part on how to suffer Heat exhaustion, and survive!
Maybe I could write this book... except...
I am surviving heat exhaustion, and have been in bed for more than three days. I can't hardly move this week cause the weather and the landscaping has gotten the best of me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!