Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wow, I get to stay what do I do...?

In the adventures of going back and forth to the doctorwith 4 hours travel either way...getting shots in several areas, for pain control, ect., ect., ect. oh add the other doctors that AREN'T that far away, well life gets busy.
So today I find myself at HOME woo hoo! I thought well I could do...and .... then I can....!


Reality check, there is a reason I travel to the doctor. There is a reason I DON'T do some of these things..DUH! I hate it. I do. So my neighbor decided to have some renovations done on her home, and being the DIY persson I am, I thought I was going to see how they do it. Found out if I was going to do it myself, IF I could do it myself, my procedures are spot on. Now I KNOW if I have my husband do these thingss I really can tell him how to do it! LOL

Well, there are some things I DO plan on doing, piddling around the house, doing the computer things, getting some correspondence done. Then...
I have an important date with the pillow this afternoon! Ah, Lifes little pleasures. There really is something to say for being in an "empty nest."

Come on back later, I plan on doing a COMPLETE update on my chiildren and grandchildren. Then we will see what other sort of things I can get into! lol

Hope you have a great, wonderful, absolutely resting Wednesday!