Friday, August 29, 2008

Blog, Blah, and comments with no BLING!

OH, I have to admit it. Sometimes I get sidetracked. I forget to BLOG There are times I don't feel very well, then....I have to admit it....I have been cheating on my blogging with another website!

It is a great website though, it is called the Experience Project. I have met so many wonderful, people there. People like myself, only they are from ALL OVER! One friend is from Australia. I find some of the things I need are met there. Some of the people I have encountered, I would bring them into my home, feed them, hug them and love them forever. The feeling is mutual as well.

Now I have the other admissions. I sometimes run out of things to say I think others would be inteested in reading on a daily basis. I hate dragging people down with the mundane and miserable life I have on days. Those are the BLAH days.

There are other times I don't blog, those are days that I am BOUNCING around the internet, just like an intenet Tigger, commenting hither and thro! Leaving COMMENT here and comment there. Like a bird or a bee. I am sure there are those who find my comments unwlecome, but for those un-enlightened individuals, I said....Remove your comment box!