Saturday, April 19, 2008

Ok I am trying something new!

To say that the last few weeks alone have been stressful? Well that might be an understatement of fact. Though I have my own inabilities I have stepped up anad tried to handle business as best as I can. I am slightly loosing the battle due to lack of energy to begin with.
I was stopped the other day by a gentleman and asked to take a 3 day try of something called Healthy Chocolate. He claimed it would work on a various number of ailments, talked about the antioxidents and flavanoids in it and said it might help me.

So I am on day 3. I can't honestly say that in 3 days it will make the blind to see but...It has helped in many respects. I think I will continue to try it. Heck it's chocolate, how bad can that BE?

As for John he is so very weak. He's also getting VERY grumpy because he is weak. He has found himself in a catch 22 situation. Things need to be done and he HAS to sit and be a spectator. He has to my anul retentive ways and that isn't helping either. I have a certain format to doing everything, he doesn't. oh well maybe he will learn a few things! lOL

Our support system is great albeit mostly far away. Those close are shall we say overwhelmed themselves? Family life as we all know does tend to do this. Bless their hearts, John and I both know if we asked they would do their very best to stop their own lifes and try to come fix ours! Molly and her "D", being the first ones to arrive with their band of wonderful offspring, to jump in and do whatever they thought would be needed. WE LOVE YOU GUYS SO!

Molly and I are conversing about a trip to cincy later this year and if the stars are right and the winds doesn't blow and the earth doesn't SHAKE US ALL FROM OUR HOMES,(yes that WAS interesting). We shall attend. Being from the area I know all the nooks and crannies to find a place to stay.

Well laundry calls as well as the birds, Who I might add are now laying and sitting eggs! :)

HUGS from my personnal insanity. Please post any suggestions for "How to regain your life" no suggestions will be dismissed BELIEVE ME!

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