Monday, April 21, 2008

Todays Updates! Official wooooow

We went to the doc. today. Got the hubby a blood test to check the PHEW, the last few days have been exhausting.


We get the call from the doc. office saying "You NEED to get him to the hospital NOW!" Evidently when you get bloodthinners and doctors don't watch you can end up like him and have your blood 5 times thinner than it is supposed to be! go get a shot. oh well. We're preparing for the next battle. The doctor today said that they are going to try to send him back to work in a month. This is to just PROVE he can never RETURN to work. OKAY!
John sits and is trying to re-assess life. He is so weak and it frustrates him.


R.C. is addapting well. when we got the little guy he only weighed 4 pounds. we weighed him last night and now he weighs 6 WOOOHOOO!
He has gotten so EXPECTS to be in either mine or my husbands lap. When we say, "Let's go night night!" He tears out toward the bedroom, jumps on the bed like a rabbit and just tears out across the bed like he has just won the lottery We have noticed he has allergies. We have to get things a little calmer here before we can adress this at the vets! He is SO cute though and now he shares blankets with the other dogs and they seem to think he is their baby!

He insists on being on my lap everytime I'm online. I am going to have to get a small table or a bigger LAP!

Insanity is still ruling but I am Going to make it yet ...

even if it kills


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Molly Daniels said...

Did you not learn ANYTHING from D's horror stories concerning his protime levels, ha ha?

My fault if I failed to mention watching the levels closely!

As for the toys....MAYBE:)