Thursday, April 24, 2008

Ok. Today we are running off a list!

Todays Vent!

It seems like the only thing I have the ability to write lately are lists. Lists of things which need to be done, lists of people who HAVE to be called, Lists of people to go see (DOCTORS AND HOSPITALS).
With all these lists, I have managed to get things done around here, but I am finding out my LISTS are keeping me found writing words down as a sentence and not as a column!
I have been stressed as you could tell if you've been reading my blog lately. My lists have been the only way to reel in some of the chaos that has ensued lately. I was also reminded that PANICKING is not an effective way to handle things! I was told to own what is mine to do, remember to take care of myself, and to spend a GREAT amount of time getting puppy loves! Okay..I did that part, and yeah it was good for me.


Our little guy has adapted very well. HE'S GAINED 2 POUNDS!!!!!!!!! He has also started to play REALLY hard with toys on his own. Charlotte, who truly believes she is the queel bee, has met her match. lol R.C.was playing with a toy the other day and she wanted it. Typical for Charlotte she walked over and then went to take it from him...:) he growled, nipped at her. She backed off with the look of surprise and looked at me like, "Hey, did you see that. WHAT THE HELL was THAT?"

John Update

John went to the doctor and his blood had been thinned 5 times more than it was supposed to be. this has made him tired. The doctor is having him return to work in 1 month. He said this will only serve to prove that he REALLY can't return to work. He is struggling with this idea.
If you have ever had an injury, you'll understand that. It tends to make you evaluate your self worth.

Miss Molly and I are planning a trip in May that is going to be terribly exciting for me. The trip away is going to be great alone, but the exposure to all the great writers will help as well.

WELL I hear another List SCREAMING at Me!!!!!!!!!!!

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