Sunday, January 20, 2008

LIfe changes in a blink!


There are small towns which dot the us which are as small as a dot. I should KNOW I have lived in a few and driven through many more. My town boasts the grand population of less than 3000. A dot in other words.
I am sure that many of us have also heard the phrase when going through a town this size, "Don't blink. You'll miss it!

There are times here lately that is the way I feel about my life!

Don't blink you'll miss the next thing coming down the road. Whether it is a computer glitch, an ailing relative, an ailment, a disagreement, or a financial FOO PAW!

For whichever it is that seems to be going through the neighborhood ...well we have seen it here lately, but...
despite all the issues which have come gone still visiting, I am back online and maybe a little better for the blog pause.

So I say greeting to those who have been here and found me not and those who still stop by.

Hopefully, in the future I will be able to present a better view, though I still write on the darker side while no one is looking! ha ha ha!

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