Saturday, May 10, 2008

Sadness, and yet another terrible loss

There is a time for everyone to die. That is inevitable. Who and what this person is to us truly is the difference.

Once again I have had a loss in my life. A woman, whom with No reason to be kind to me, has shared not only her life but her death. Both were significant.

Dorothy was the wife of my step-father. They were married after my mother and Charlie were divorced. She welcomed me, and offered not only her lived but her motherliness. Often, she would look at me and say, "You know, I am your other mother." Never stated as a question, always as a statement. She embraced myself and my children and grand-children in the same way, with unconditional love.
Growing up with her children, (which is another story for another time), my family was as accepted into their family as if we were just late at getting to the family instead of being born there.
Charlie, whom I have written before, is the only man I have known as a Real father.

With deep, heart wrenching sorrow, Dorothy passed on to be with the Lord yesterday. Two days before Mothers day she was called home. Encircled by her family and loved ones, She left with grace and dignity.
Once again I found that; my step-father not only how to live:but he also taught me how I needed to say good-bye to someone you love.

I am not sure now , just how long we will have Charlie with us, the grief for him is great. I just pray, when his time comes I can be as dignified as he was yesterday.
I ask that those who read this, keep him in their heart and prayers. Both Charlie and Dorothy are loved and cherished.
Dorothy will be terribly missed.

Give the Lord a hug for me Dorothy.

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