Thursday, July 17, 2008

Triple degree Faux-pa! OOPS!

Well, I have been mentioning my "Adventures in Landscaping"! Well, what haven't mentioned is all the weeding I HAVEN'T been doing. So, being me, yesterday I decided to clean out the strawberry bed! I did forget to get the weather report and fancied right out the door. 5 hours later, I had a hard time understanding why I felt light headed and exhausted? DUH! The weatherman informed me of the 100 plus degree heat index.
That's OK, little by little, I am chipping away at the back yard. I just have approximately 20 tons of various substances out of the backyard and into "other" areas! No problem. Being "superwoman", I should be able to achieve this by ...Oh tomorrow night! Yeah, Right!
There actually has been a considerable amount achieved, like the graveyard for my beloved lost pets is done. A drainage ditch is dug. One half of a small gravel pile is moved. Most of the strawberries are cleaned out. Flowers and bushes have been planted. Not bad for an old girl and some much appreciated help from a teenager!

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Molly Daniels said...

Good for you! Shall I get you one of those hats with the two straws, so you can have access to WATER while you're working???