Tuesday, August 19, 2008


This year has been a year of learning. There have some extremely sad moments where loss of so many things struggled to crush us. There have been some glorious moments where elation took over.
Balancing the two is hard. As I look back at the year at this point the only consistent I have found is the blessing GOD has given us.

The loss of both our Aunt and my Step-Mother. Struggling with the health issues both my husband and myself. Financial issues, remodeling a 100 year old house, family issues have all taken a toll on us.

My daughter has been through her own trials this year. It amazes me at how much I have learned from her. Her attitude that things will be okay and that you should count your blessings; has once again reminded me of ALL the things I have been able to experience.

I used to love it when I went to college. Learning was a thrill for me. I would get just like a child every semester. The thought of learning something new delighted me. This year has been like going through a VERY long, tough semester at college, where all the courses weren't gravy courses.

I will say, the blessings I have had were amazing.
I have found GOD is always with me.
I have an amazing daughter and son.
I have a grandson, who is autistic, and more than up to the challenge of overcoming.
I have been blessed with a husband who is the love of my life. A perfect mate.
I have been blessed with the company of amazing teenagers.
I have the greatest relationship now with an awesome 14 year old.
I have the sweetest pets to comfort me when I feel bad.
I have finally found out why I feel bad.
I have the best neighbors, and friends.
I have found my own inner strength, and it is wonderful.
I have found friends on another website, who support and encourage me.
I have a home that I can bring to life.
I have a blessing everyday to be grateful for. Each one is awe inspiring in its own right.

So if you haven't figured it out, I am counting my blessings and I am overwhelmed by the amount of love GOD has given me. HE has allowed me to have all these undeserved gifts, and I am humbled.

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Molly Daniels said...

Love the new pics! Yes, you have been VERY blessed! So was John the day he met you.