Sunday, September 23, 2007

A darker thought

just know somewhere a child is being hurt. In Darfur, families are being ripped apart. Mothers are threatened by beasts while another takes her child away, dragging the child out into the dirt and publicly and violently brutilizing her. As the little girl or boy has starved for so long there only so much fight they can offer the beast. The kicking and screaming only lasts for so long. Afterwards they are either killed in a terrible way or left to crawl or drag themselves back to their terrified family and left to slowly die of hunger... because there JUST is not enough food for everyone there in the encampment.Somewhere else, here in the US, children, both boys and girls are being dragged and forced to endure the terrible, painful violation from a stranger. Someone who has tricked them into feeling safe with them. A stranger who forces the child to summit to acts never imagined in their safe worlds of love.The abuse is finished with either death, enslavement, or even if the child is released afterwards, they are FOREVER scarred, humiliated, terrified...and shattered.Also theres cruelty innocent animals are suffering. Sometimes tied up, abandoned there to slowly die of hunger and thirst. Feeling, slowly, the pain of the hunger, the loss of muscle abilities, movement, trust. This animal will eventually lay down and not to be able ot get up, and suffer as its body shuts down.There are other things that happen to all the above. Things I've left unsaid. Call me stupid but I don't understand. Why can't these things be stopped. I know in my heart there must be a way. Whether its money, volunteering, education, involvement, caring, talking , yelling....Whatever! I don't know the answer to the solution, but I believe... if there are enough of us to listen, to watch and then to take action. It may not happen tommorrow, but maybe, just maybe it can stop.WE JUST HAVE TO CARE ENOUGH TO GET INVOLVED!


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jackie rogers said...

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