Friday, September 28, 2007

A Saga

I''d like to introduce some of the players. Tell me what you think of them and any suggestions you might have. I reserve the right to add, ignore, or play with your suggestions! :) This is the beginning! These are the opening characters to a story of deprivations, horror, resilience, triumph, and love.

Pat (last name currently unknown) - White with dirty blond hair. He keeps a beard and mustache that are sculptured. His eyes are steel gray and at first when you look at them you believe that you are looking right into his soul. He is a pedophile. He is a repeat offender that is sadistic as well as murderous. He has never been caught. He has a sense of cunning and charm that most people believe in open and honest as opposed to his true nature. Later your realize once you've encountered Pats darker side that when you thought you were looking into his soul you were looking into an obis of hatred. Pat is thirtyish and married to Sandy. Step-dad to Crissy Sandy's daughter.

Sandy - Wife to Pat for four years. Widowed from Brian Caster. Mother of ten year old Crissy. Works at a restaurant in town called Renos. She as well is white, thirtyish, pale skin, short curly blond hair, with blue eyes and freckles. Sandy in totally unsuspecting of Pats problems nor his hidden menacing. She believes they are working toward a life together and that he is a great step-father.

Crissy Caster - Ten years old, with her mothers pale skin and short curly hair. She has green eyes, and is on the chubbier side of adolescence. She is unaware of the capability of Pat. She is innocent and loving, yet is a loner at school. Her best friend is her teacher Ms. Anderson.

Tanya Anderson - White, fifth grade math teacher to Crissy at Georgeville Elementary. She is the survivor from childhood. Her Grandfather and his friends used to violate her on weekends, when her parents would leave her there to be babysat. She is twenty-seven, long black hair, brown eyes. She has a scar above her left eye that she uses to remind herself of her survival and eventual victory over her attackers.

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Molly Daniels said...

Way to go, Jackie:) A clear understanding of your main characters is always a plus when you're starting out:)

You're taking over my blog today...I'm fighting a sinus headache..