Thursday, June 12, 2008

Oh boy Banana found a new way to BRIBE!

Well, as I stated yesterday, I went birthday partying this weekend. My grandson, who has ALWAYS been fascinated with trains made a new request this year of us. No, it wasn't Thomas the train...GASP! It was something I'd never heard of. Having a daughter who is VERY in touch with the needs of her son and what we refer to fondly as "just being Caleb", otherwise known as sensory issues, helps.

I get a call a week before the party and my daughter says, "Mom, Caleb wants something different this year!" My, lovely grandson wanted something called a Quadrilla. OK? what is it, what does it do, and much? Of course she didn't give me the rest of the info, but then by virtue of the Internet who couldn't find out about it.

Yep, Banana went and hit the Google button and there is was. On a site that sells (no Less) toys for autistic and learning impaired children. Alright, good for the grand baby...I'm sold.

This year has been both horrible and blessed at the same time , so we were able to order the larger of the sets. They are expandable at that, so all the better for Caleb. So I order it on line, get my confirmation email and OOOOPS it takes 2-3 weeks for delivery. Ok we are now it Panic mode. I quickly fire off an email to the company, Sensory Edge, and explain my dilemma. Now we all KNOW, the Internet has that impersonal aspect when dealing with companies. Amazingly enough, I received an email very shortly, they said they would do their best to help me out. Further more I received 3 more emails from this company and they did just THAT. I had the gift 4 days after I ordered it! I truly was amazed and GRATEFUL!

Now back to the Quadrilla. My daughter saved it for the last gift, because it was huge! When Caleb opened it up, Oh My Goodness! did we ever get hugs, ( something he seldom shares).

The Quadrilla set itself< class="blsp-spelling-corrected" id="SPELLING_ERROR_17">Kudos. Caleb packed it off to his other grandparents for another party and it was a hit there as well, not only for him but for every child there. Then it was packed away and easily sent back to home. I am impressed and would say that ANYONE with children should at least check it out.
As well as the company I got it from, Sensory Edge. They are truly customer oriented.

Ok that's my rant.

BTW...Caleb hasn't stopped playing with his toy and tells me about it when we talk on the phone as well, Banana made some REAL brownie points!


Molly Daniels said...

WTG Bananna:) I need a b-day gift idea for S...her aunt called and wanted to know what she wants! Besides a ferret and/or house in Morgan Co!

Maggi said...

Quadrilla is the best toy ever! My 5 year old boy with aspergers loves it. Check out my new blog...


Maggi said...

sorry this is the correct website...