Friday, June 13, 2008

rattle, rattle, rattle, bang, bang, boom, boom boom boom!

Well, we took our car in for some seriously LONG overdue maintenance on Tuesday when we got back from the party. Ok, lets see, there was the oil change, transmission fluid change, brake pads, rotors, fix the oil leak around the gasget, and as if this wasn't enough... let's charge the a/c!


Well, we picked up the car....drove a little way, and the car that has been sooo very faithful, figured out it was Finally it's turn to be taken care of. SOOOOOO, Cabluie! Now the A/c compressor has went out and leaked oil ALL over the engine. Then as IF this wasn't enough, the belt went flying off, and ALL the lights lite up on the dash, temperature went to the top and the powersteering started to seize.

NOW the good news. We were a few blocks from the shop who had worked on the car and it limped into the place...then they did all they could do take it right in and do whatever they could to fix it...BUT...Nope no such luck.

They did give us a loaner car for free as well as are doing all they can to do what they can to help us out. I could be upset, but I am too busy thanking GOD for the blessings. If we had taken the car on the trip this weekend then we could have been stuck WAY far away from home. If it had been six months ago... we could have been walking because of lack of funding to fix it, so for now....These things didn't happen. So life's little glitch gave us a break. Thank goodness.

Talked to a couple of friends today and even though some are struggling with health, car trouble and other issues...Only one person has had problems truly terrible news for the Friday the Thirteenth.

I haven't had very much to complain terribly about. I have a great KID staying with me still. Though I cannot been able to talk Her parents into seriously leaving her here! It would be so wonderful. This girl has been a joy. There hasn't been anything she has been asked she hasn't done, There really isn't anything I wouldn't do for her in return. She has honestly has stolen my heart. It has been a kick in the butt! I so enjoyed being a parent when my kids were teens, even when my eldest had problems. They taught me so much, we always had a lot of fun and having this girl here for however long they'll let me keep her, I will gladly take!

I guess I am going to have to go to court and appeal to the courts for freind? visitation? do they do that? Teasingly, we have told her for her birthday we are buying her bedroom furniture for here! She just laughed! (The teenager)
It took a little explaination to Dad to explain that Kids ALWAYS mind someone else. Has anyone ever noticed that? Though, I so enjoyed my children, don't get me wrong...THEY drove me BATTY sometimes. They always were on their best behavior for someone else. Never fails.

The truth is though, that between the children of my own I raised, the children of close family I helped raise, my step-children as well as the throw-aways and the vollunteer time at the schools, I've had a hand in quite a few childrens lives as well as they in mine.
I honestly can say, they have taught me far more than I them though. I have enjoyed them far more than they me. The memories, lessons in life, struggles and the ability to bounce back has been far more given to me than the otherway around.

Well, so for my declaration for Friday the 13th, I just have LOTS and LOTS to be grateful for.

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