Thursday, May 1, 2008

Years Ago I used to say and think, "It can't get any worse."

Now that can tell you how FOOLISH I was in my youth! NOW, I'm afraid to utter the words. Miss Molly and I were planning on an adventure. A real ONE! An adventure where there weren't children, husbands (especially sick ones), no doctors, nursing homes, funeral homes, just here and I off to see Kelly.
Honestly, I was so excited. I thought not only am I going to have a GREAT time with Molly, but I was going to meet Kelly as well. Since I am in the process of getting my own writing seriously underway (Yeah I know you all heard that from me before), I might get a little hint at what my future will look like (Yeah, If I'm Lucky!). OK.

I go to bed early, set the alarm for 5:30 am, (it was going to be a long drive), and then we were off for the morning with the help of my dogs next to me in bed and the sedative in my belly to calm the excitement!
I get up right on time. get the clothes ready, yell at the hubby to empty the car whilst I shower...

Yeah then my life and reality comes CRASHING DOWN! No, nothing fell, (I even kept my footing in the shower), but reality has a way of making things inexplicably difficult and NASTY, if you don't believe me check out Molly's blog (the link is to the right).
John , my husband, goes out to the car and begins the task of removing items from the car when he notices....

the car leaning,

not a little and in an unusual way. He walks around the car, (according to him) and sees that one of the tires is not holding air on one side, (according to him). Yeah, that's right boys and girls, I have a FLAT! Not only do I have a flat tire, but I only have one of those ever so appropriately named "donuts" for a spare. GRRRRRRR!
So , John comes in and tells me of the situation. He also tells me the place that fixes our tires, in the VERY small town I'm in doesn't open until 9 a.m. That was it, the heart dropped, the frustration/confusion and finally my temper all GO THROUGH THE ROOF. I went outside after a few minutes and checked the tire and what do I see...I gouge out of the sidewall. Nope sure couldn't be one of those flats where you could run over to the convenient store and buy "Fix-a-Flat" now could it.
Hubby, honey, hit the curb last night when we came back home, and neither of us thought much about it, But "HONEY!" punched a hole in the side! Yeah I guess I could cut him some slack...But not today.
Do to what I was felling at the time, (anger, frustration, and embarrassment) John calls Miss Molly and informs her what is going on. SO we hold out the hope the garage will hurry.


I remember it is my life we're talking about. Well, mine and Molly's lives, which both concurrently have had the honor of having the worst time and luck on Earth lately. I have to tell you, as far as Molly goes, if none of you know it, She's a saint. REALLY! Things she does for others, when no one is looking, both her and her family. The understanding, love, support, and any other good thing one can say about them really is true. I've known them for quite a bit now, up close and personal.

Well, after the guy comes takes my tire off, I go with him, (silently hoping this will put a burner under him). Verbally, I reminded him I had an appointment. So never mind he came late, took forever and THEN KEPT LEAVING ME THERE TO DO OTHER RUNS, before taking me back to the car.
Eventually, I just had him drop me off at the house, with MY TIRE. I wasn't going to wait for him to make the next run before he could put my wheel back on like he asked, JUST DROP US (meaning, me and my tire) OFF!
I put the damn thing on myself. It was late, too late to try to make the book signing. TOO late to spend time with Molly, too late to be away, TOO LATE FOR ANY THING FOR ANYONE! I called Molly and we talked a while and yes she was understanding.
It seems what looked like a gash , in truth was a gouge. It has some scratches around it, but it was small enough that we didn't notice it when we got out of the car last night and by the time we did it was TOO LATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am sorry, Molly. I am also sorry Kelly. It, once again was my fault. Molly being the person she is has admonished me over my own self persecution, But that's because she is a sweetheart, with the true heart of gold.
Once again, I have let her down and I am not sure why she is still talking to me. And as for you molly, Please don't tell me to get over it again.


Molly Daniels said...

Get over it, Jackie...I love you:)

When my check gets here, I'm buying us both chocolate martinis at Applebees!!

Molly Daniels said... halo slipped...according to some reports, it's around my ankles. More later.